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What is Application Testing?

Automation Testing or Test Automation is a technique to test software using special tools to execute a test case suite – a collection of test cases that test a software program and show that it displays certain behaviors. While humans perform Manual Testing, Automation Testing involves software tools performing each part of the test) instead. Automation testing softwares can also analyze and compare data and produce detailed test reports.

Application Testing is automation testing applied to software applications such as ERP (PeopleSoft, SAP, EVS, or any other custom homegrown applications) and CRM (Salesforce, Service Now, etc). This process involves using scripts, tools, or test automation frameworks to identify errors so that businesses can deliver bug-free and affective software applications to their consumers.

Our Testing Process for Web-Based, Cloud, and Mobile Applications

We have 30+ years of experience in using Selenium, JMeter, Appium software testing tools for cross-browser testing, framework implementation, and code reusability, creating test environments, and producing performance testing reports. For cloud solutions, our clients have the option to use our easily-accessible AWS server to store their test reports and data. 

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Key Benefits

With affordable and reliable QA outsourcing, we have built strong, long-term partnerships with our clients. Our staff and technology operate in three different time zones so that we can help enterprises deliver high-quality products to their customers anytime and anywhere. 

70% Faster than Manual Testing

Wider Test Coverage

Reliability & Consistency

Saves Time & Cost

Earlier Time to Market

Improves Accuracy & Efficiency