NxROS (Next Generation Restaurant Ordering System)

In recent years due to explosion in Mobility and Mobile First approach, restaurants has realized the potential of mobile power and willing to deploy mobile solution to solve their day to day problem through technology to increase sales and profit. Restaurants owners are looking for ways to reduce wait time for tables, increase sales and provide high quality of services.

ZealTech’s NxROS (Next Generation Restaurant Ordering system) software product will solve these challenges using Mobile/tablet solution to restaurant owners.

NxROS is focused to provide hassle free services to restaurant customers. When a customer walk in, they will be seated/will find a seat. Each table will have a tablet which will have this application installed. Customer will be able to browse restaurant menu, pricing. They will able to place their order without waiter’s help.

NxROS provides end-to-end solution for a restaurant owner to take the food orders directly from table using tablet application and synchronize these orders to Kitchen system. Restaurant owners will also be able to modify and update pricing of food, images and food descriptions using backed User interface, which will be synchronized back to tablet application. NxROS is an effective tool for restaurant owners who operate on a highly competitive environment. The capabilities of the integrated NxROS system includes following:


  • Ordering
  • Recipe/Menu Management
  • Payment Processing
  • Inventory Management
  • Loyalty Card Management
  • Offers and Discount
  • Social Integration
  • Various Reports based on predictive business intelligence system




  • Sales Boost
  • Reduce wait time
  • Increase Customer satisfaction
  • Increase Profit
  • Integration with existing POS
  • Customer data analysis
  • Real time customer feedback
  • Tablets enable more detailed descriptions of the meals.
  • Tablets are said to eliminate order-taking errors from the waiters.
  • In the kitchen, there is less confusion as everything is now written clearly.
  • With the visuals, you know exactly what you’re going to get in your plate
  • The service goes quicker
  • Tablets are said to allow cutting the labor expenses
  • It’s tech, It’s all very futuristic, so it’s fun!
  • Customers feel more involved in the process